We Train Dance Athletes!

The Dare Dream Dancer is made up of people of all ages, ethnicities, men and women, and points-of-view.  If you dare to dream about being a dancer, Dare Dream Dance is the place for you to be.

Parents and children, who want to explore the creative world of dance, can come to The Dance Academy for classes as young as 5 years old.  We teach "movement" to little people.  Because dance is fun, parents feel and rightly so, that dance is a good place for a child to learn balance, movement, and how to get along with others in a group setting.  More importantly, your child might turn out to be the next Judith Jamison, Mikhail Baryshnikov or Misty Copeland!

As the student of dance grows up in the world of dance, the love for dancing might turn the average student into a child prodigy who has a unique talent; and a dancer is born.  This student moves from the average dancing lesson into a bevy of classes within the 3D Dance Academy and begins to study the art form of dance.

Select students from the 3D Dance Academy are usually selected to become a part of the 3D Dance Company, and as a group of professional dancers, these talented young men & women are groomed, polished and made ready for the world of dance.  Dancing throughout the city of Atlanta and in this region, our dancers are constantly called on to give performances before an awaiting audience.  Here is where they learn to be performers.