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These are Academy students with age ranges 10-13 yrs old, selected from auditions to be trained to perform in Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop choreography specific for their team. Students will perform at season mandated conventions as well as perform at local events around the City of Atlanta to promote and showcase the 3D Pre-Elite Team. 3D Pre-Elites are also under-studies to the Elite company members. Students will learn all choreography set for the Elite Company as they may be called on to fill in for an Elite Company member when needed. 

For the student within the specified age range that only wants to receive training at the Junior level, this option is available as well.


Pre-Elite students are expected to take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Horton, & company repertoire (if selected for performance company)  for their course of study. Students are mandated to understudy for the Elite Company as well as learn & rehearse all Elite repertoire.  Student graduation to Elite is dependent upon their end of semester evaluation as determined by both the artistic director & director of education.  


The 3D Pre-Elite training track is focused on the technical integrity of the developing dancer, throughout their scheduled class requirements. Training students will not participate in outside performances, however they are highly encouraged to attend season conventions.



Base Expectation

(additional expectation can be found in the company handbook) 

Includes all Dare (3D Mini) skills plus the following:

  • Performance Skills

    • Dancer performs choreography with accuracy and energy, staying true to the choreographer’s intent.

    • Dancer can catch syncopated and standard rhythmic cadences and stay on beat. 

  • Technical Skills

    • Showcases spatial awareness

    • Executes intermediate jumps, turns and weight bearing skills with comfort and ease.

  • Commitment Expectations

    • 11 or more hours of dance per week (includes class and rehearsals)

    • Weekly classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Modern

  • Facility Expectations

    • Must develop and maintain their commercial look and aesthetic

The Pre-Elite performance company members are composed of highly skilled students, who meet the performance skills, technical skills, commitment expectations, & facility expectations required to become a part of this extraordinary team.  Company members compete in the seasons listed conventions as well as performances in and around the City Of Atlanta.  Company members are also eligible upon selection to perform with higher division company members in selected showcases and performances.  Members can also chose to compete solos, duets, and or trios upon evaluation.

3D Pre-Elite Members also receive branding training with a focus on how to become a successful dancer though great etiquette, audition know how, and resume building.

3D Pre-Elite Training Track Monthly Class Fee, will be based on their customized approved schedule.

See [ACADEMY] class rates.


Class fees will be drafted on the 1st of the month.  Class Fees do NOT include: specialty workshops and guest master classes. Pay in full option receives a 5% discount off of total season price.

Request Company Fee Rates!


Company fees will be drafted on the 15th of the month.  Company Fees do NOT include: specialty workshops and guest master classes. Company members will receive a 5% discount on their pre-elite training track classes.

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