Mission: 3D aims to expose our dancers to the world of commercial dance by providing them with training from professional, experienced performers and by providing performance & career opportunities.


The vision for Dare Dream Dance is to mold and cultivate dancers and artists, whose names may eventually be written in history books.  The main objective is to develop talent that will transition seamlessly and successfully into the rigorous worlds of collegiate and professional dance.


Through committed partnerships, a firm curriculum and the skills obtained, students will have the opportunity to gain access to a vast network of career-enhancing individuals & experiences. These attributes will also help prepare aspiring talent for a successful and fulfilling career in the creative art form of dance.


3D’s intentions are quite simple… We plan to develop artists with an emphasis & approach on commercial dance education, simultaneously with a strong foundation through excellent classical training.  With the skills acquired, these individuals will become successful, as well as have the ability to provide for future generations with the same knowledge and solid foundations.

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Ford Motors "Born 2 Roll" Commercial

Rooms To Go National Commercial

Kellogs Cereal National Commercial

Debbie Allen Scholarship & Joffrey Ballet Scholarship 

Debbie Allen LA & ATL Summer Intesive 

JUMP Dance Convention Teen VIP

RADIX Core Performer Scholarship

Perry Mansfield Performing Arts 

Triumph Awards

Governors Honors Program 2016 Participant

ASH Senior Apprentice Member Invitation

Impact Church "Unapologetically Me!" 

ILLA A Hip Hop Musical Choreographer Assistants

Sonny Mackenzi Artist Development Assistants

Sherrod Tate, Former Student

I started training under 3D in 2010 in various genres of dance. Their training allowed me to be accepted into many dance schools/studios on scholarship and now, I am Debbie Allen’s artist in Residence in Los Angeles.  I have been in commercials, TV shows, movies, and awards shows all because of their direction and training.

Tashiya Umoja, Parent

My daughter has been with CiCi for 5 years. Being in this program has been priceless. She has built great character and has also had SO MANY outstanding experiences. She has done photo shoots, music videos, gotten call backs for Broadway productions, was booked for the Triumph awards, and booked a role in a major film. She has also been able to perform all over the city of Atlanta, received a scholarship at the Monsters of Dance convention, was given a full scholarship to participate in the Breaking Barriers dance intensive with Anthony Burrell in Philadelphia , and was booked as a Jr. Hawks Cheerleader. She's had master classes galore, workshops, and so much more. She is only 10 and I am so impressed by her skill set as a dancer. She has been exposed to so many different genres. And what's most important, she's happy and loves the program. 

Cristina Lamos, Parent

I just wanted to tell you thank you for being such a positive influence on Layla's life. I was asking her last week if she was going to post something on instagram..... her words " Mom that is not good for my BRAND CiCi said we need to watch our BRAND at all times" 

I ❤️ to hear that so much!

Thank you from the heart.

You have changed our lives and I don’t think you understand how much. It is not just dance it is not just opportunities it is CiCi and we love you for who you are!

   Nicole Oblitey,    1st Parent & Student

My daughter Lauren has been training with CiCi Kelley since September of 2011, from the inception of CiCi's Prodigy program at Gotta Dance Atlanta, up until today's Dare Dream Dance. CiCi has always provided top notch dance training, working diligently to instill not only her love for the art form; but works hard to bring that love, dedication, artistry and technical precision out of all her dancers. She provides continuous dance education classes in conjunction with exceptional industry choreographers training her students in both classical and commercial dance.


CiCi Kelley and Dare Dream Dance is heavily invested in its dancers' success and strives year after year to up the standards of dance training in Atlanta, training that students can take with them to be competitive, professional dancers here in Atlanta, NY and LA.

Satara King, Parent

The exposure, training, knowledge and guidance that my daughter is receiving from Dare Dream Dance is second to none. Cici Kelley, along with the amazing dance instructors and staff are preparing my daughter for a successful dance career and life in the entertainment industry.  Being a part of this team, she and I have learned how to navigate this high paced, often stressful always intimidating world of entertainment. I love that the dancers are encouraged to explore different genres of dance and to train with instructors outside of the company.  Because of Dare Dream Dance, we have discovered so any opportunities in dance that we did not know existed.  Positive aspects of this program are not contained to just dance, I have seen improvements in my daughters self esteem, confidence, school work and overall awareness of her worth and value in this world.



All training services are by appointment only.  please contact Brentney Stephans to book today!  

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